We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that has created them

Albert Einstein


People come to Sacha after they’ve done different types of coaching and therapies, disappointed that the time, effort and money they have invested hasn’t offered lasting results.
You see, to experience permanent and lasting results in yourselves, we need to address the root cause to see and feel change. It’s simple, you want to pull the dandelion by it’s root for it to not grow again, right.
Dr Bradley Nelson research shows that 90% of our current stress, pain and suffering stems from trapped emotions from the past going back to our childhood.  Dr. Joe Dispenza, researcher and neurologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, researcher and biologist and Dr Sonia Choquette, author and researcher support this idea.
So, because 90% of our current stresses come from our trapped emotions, wouldn’t it make sense that to be happier in our relationships, our career and in ourselves that we need to release these trapped emotions.  This is how Sacha can support you.  Her methodology has been proven successful with her clients. Results include deep and permanent transformation through knowledge, choice and possibility.  This is a specific blueprint that creates lasting and permanent change.
Sacha will explain how this works ~ But FIRST, she provides a few examples of childhood events that would have a direct impact on you today.
  • Having been Bullied
  • Sexual and physical abuse (includes witnessing it)
  • Absent father or mother growing up
  • Being screamed at
  • Alcoholic parents
  • Sudden death or loss of a parent
  • Moving to a foreign country
The day this happens, emotions get trapped and then, core beliefs and programming are born. Then, some of us become high achievers (now, nothing bad with achieving but when we become restless and always need to achieve more, this creates chronic dissatisfaction) Some of us, chronic pleasers, putting others first and often guilty for setting limits and saying no.  Some, become chronic worriers.  Some, become perfectionists.  Others,, become abusers and bullies.
Sacha invite you to book a free, no obligation, 20-minutes consultation to see if you are a fit.
Her intention for your work together is to help you become a better and stronger version of you.

Create a brighter future and better relationships by rewriting the past


Sacha Horvath, M.A.