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Are you looking for a speaker who will motivate and inspire your audience on “how to” live a fantastic life? We were created to celebrate this life and created prosperous. That being said, we were not created to work-work-work and as a result, find ourselves exhausted and depleted.  We have just forgotten why we are here on Earth and have lost touch with getting there.  Let Sacha assist you in connecting to what matters because feeling great matters for each one of us.  Sacha can teach you what is in the way of having incredible relationships, an inspiring business or career and feel deep joy in the life you have. We all deserve this. In fact, it’s our birthright.

Sacha Horvath & Mark Walhberg, Singer, American Actor & Movie Producer
Sacha Horvath & Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple
Sacha Horvath & Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker
Sacha Horvath & Stacey Griffith, Founder of Soul Cycle
Sacha Horvath & John Travolta, American Actor
What an honour to have shared the stage in Los Angeles with this incredible and inspiring man. To me, John Travolta has demonstrated the true definition of mental and emotional strength and has shown courage when the unthinkable “the death of his son” happened. Although he states: “this was the worst thing that ever happened to me”, he has never given up on himself, went deep inside and somehow, pulled himself back up. To me, a true Warrior!! And yes, an honour to stand next to this Legend
His story should all inspire us that when we are confronted with life’s greatest challenges ~ not to EVER (ever, ever) give up!! Never to let our demons and bitterness destroy us. Instead, go deep and come out as a hero or shero
Remember the “Force Lives Within Us” 100%
Sacha Horvath & Gene Simmons, Singer of Kiss
Sacha Horvath & Carolyn Myss, Author & World’s leading voices in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism


Sacha Horvath, M.A.