Couple Retreat

Are you tired of feeling the same old way in your relationship? Are you fed up with getting the same reaction from your partner when in conflict? Has your busy schedule/life become the main excuse for why you and your spouse no longer connect? Do you feel stuck in autopilot while creating disharmony with your children and spouse? Do you long for deeper intimacy and a more skilled approach towards navigating the difficult conversations? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then perhaps it’s time that you and your spouse gave your relational life a reset! Yes a reset! A reset over a two day retreat where you get to water the wilted flower that is your relationship in a safe environment where you will learn skills, strategies and re-experience connection. If this is you, then please join us in a unique learning opportunity where you will be guided into an orientation that will greatly improve how you experience yourself and your spouse.

What you can expect to walk away with

1. Tools and streategies to deal with conflict, triggers and repair

2. Deeper connection with your spouse

3. Greater self awareness

4. Direction and guidance for the future of your relationship

5. Resources for ongoing healing and relational growth


Experience a deeper more intense and passionate intimacy with your partner, its very simple, you just need to learn how to become more mindful. This means to be truly present in the moment where there are no thoughts at all, just experiencing your now with your partner.

Learn different mindfulness skills that will not only help you experience a deeper connection with your partner but also improve all other aspects of your life; because your relationship matters.


Couple Workshop

November 18th, 9h30-16h30 & November 19th, 9h30-16h30

297$ before November 1st (VALUE 345$/person) with insurance receipt provided

Location: 2 chemin Brown, Wakefield, QC


Learn to connect to your

Body, Breath and Partner
and Create Intimacy

Our purpose for this couple retreat is to teach people through mindfulness and a combination of effective psycho-education theory mixed with mindset coaching, a more soulful connection and less cerebral and physical one. To simplify, to feel your body, be aware and manipulate your breath as one is more accepting of a different way of thinking so as to be more open for true intimacy. The games we will be playing involve, again, different mindfulness skills and constructive communication which hopefully, couples can practice and improve upon.

In our experience, the best way to break down walls to enlightened conversation is to be intensely grounded in the body/breath so that your mind becomes more clear and clean from past bad experiences and can better communicate in the now.

Feeling Great In Your Relationship Matters!

No need to learn fancy tricks!

We just have to simply discover what is already programmed inside of us!

Couple Retreat (Option 2)

All inclusive Couple Retreat with 2 day workshop and Saturday night stay in one of the private room and all meals included and use of the sauna and massage chairs.  You can add an energetic treatment  or massage during your stay for your couple.

Your investment is an extra 197$/person to cover your stay in Queen Size Bedroom, all meals,  snacks, coffee & tea

If you prefer staying in the King Size or tiny home for the night, mention to Sacha your preference to see availability

Location: 2 chemin Brown, Wakefield, QC