Conditions d’utilisation des membres

Terms & Conditions of Coaching Agreement

Please take a moment to review this document so you can get the most out of your Coaching Session. This Coaching Agreement specifies the terms and conditions under which, I, Sacha Horvath, M.A. (Life & Business Strategist) and you, as Client, agree to us working together to achieve the agreed expectations.

The Scope of Coaching Service:

I, Sacha Horvath, M.A. (Life & Business Strategist) – as your Coach – agree to provide you with coaching services on the topics we both initially agree, prior to us starting with your Coaching Sessions. [Note: ‘Coaching’ is a collaborative process between the Coach and the Client in a thought-provoking trusting atmosphere that inspires the Client to maximize their personal growth and to reach their desired goals.]

The Role of the Coach:

The interaction between the Coach and Client is intended to assist the Client with their self-discovery, personal growth, goal setting, and goal attainment. In that context, the Coach’s role is to use special techniques that will: (1) help the Client discover their inner beliefs or issues that are blocking them from attaining all that is possible out of life; and also, (2) help them find solutions and new creative ways for enhancing their quality of life in their personal endeavours and/or in their business or work-environment.

Client responsibilities: For coaching to be most effective, you, as Client, must be committed to taking an active part in the entire life-improvement process. This may include: searching deeply your inner thoughts and emotional feelings; being open to new ideas; exploring new opportunities; identifying your life goals; planning for desired outcomes; and doing agreed-upon homework assignments and follow-up activities on your own personal time between sessions. It is important that you, as the Client, be truthful, open, and authentic with me – at all times – so I can effectively coach you to achieve your life goals. In-turn, I as your Life-Coach will do everything possible to support you in achieving the results and desired outcomes you have set for yourself. However, ultimately, it is you, who is responsible for making the right effort and the necessary changes in your life. I, as your Coach, will work with you to identify solutions and offer suggestions, options and encouragement throughout the coaching-process based on the feedback you provide me about your own personal emotions, feelings and experience.

Confidentiality terms: As a Client, you are assured that no one will release to anyone your name or any information about: you; your personal coaching-sessions; and/or counselling you were provided without your prior approval and written consent, unless: (1) you pose risk of serious injury to yourself or others; (2) there is due cause for suspicion of child abuse as defined by applicable government legislation; and (3) we are served with a property executed court-order.

Appointments/Cancellations: If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, we ask that you do so at least 48 hours ahead of time, either by calling, texting or emailing. Your cancellation notice will allow us to offer an appointment to other clients on our waiting list. Failure to cancel an appointment will result in an agreed upon charge of up to 100% of the session.