Couple Retreat

Topics We are Covering

  • The Art of Communication & Listening
  • Our Conflicts & Our Needs
  • Personality Dimensions
  • Love & Apology
  • Mindful Connection
  • Giving & Receiving
  • Four Levels of Intimacy


One-Day Couple Retreat

Experience a deeper more intense and passionate intimacy with your partner, its very simple, you just need to learn how to become more mindful. This means to be truly present in the moment where there are no thoughts at all, just experiencing your now with your partner.

Learn different mindfulness skills that will not only help you experience a deeper connection with your partner but also improve all other aspects of your life; because your relationship matters.


Next one is scheduled for
Saturday, October 27th, 12pm-5pm (1 spot left) 599$
Sunday, November 25th, 12-6pm (2 spot left)

Rebate of 100$ by November 1st at 250$ Per Person


Learn to connect to your

Body, Breath and Partner
and Create Intimacy

Our purpose for this couple retreat is to teach people through mindfulness and a combination of effective psycho-education theory mixed with mindset coaching, a more soulful connection and less cerebral and physical one. To simplify, to feel your body, be aware and manipulate your breath as one is more accepting of a different way of thinking so as to be more open for true intimacy. The games we will be playing involve, again, different mindfulness skills and constructive communication which hopefully, couples can practice and improve upon.

In our experience, the best way to break down walls to enlightened conversation is to be intensely grounded in the body/breath so that your mind becomes more clear and clean from past bad experiences and can better communicate in the now.


599$ (PROMOTION 100$ OFF for the couple)
250$/person tax included before November 1st

Receipt for insurance purposes provided

Feeling Great In Your Relationship Matters!

No need to learn fancy tricks!

We just have to simply discover what is already programmed inside of us!


(Option to stay overnight at our retreat if easier with traveling)