Hello, my name is Sacha Horvath, and I am a certified therapist. I know first-hand how strenuous inner-challenges can affect your life and how important a decision it is to have the “right” guidance to help you work through your difficulties. We all have our own share of personal and professional struggles that can lead to high-levels of stress, anxiety, depression and even burning-out.
 In my years of practice, I have helped over a thousand clients find happiness by guiding them how they can discover and transform parts of their personality and their lives that no longer serves them, so they can have a renewed sense of confidence; form enriching relationships; and build a rewarding career path. To put it simply: to help them get back into the driver’s seat to take charge of their lives.
You see, I do understand the frustrations you may be facing right now, since I too have been once where you now are. Life isn’t always easy – it’s all part of being human – but knowing ‘who you are’and ‘where you are going’will keep you strong. It will help you stay focused to make it through even your most difficult times. It was through my personal research that I have come to discover how to break-free of things in the past that have held me back from embracing opportunities in the present moment. It was that, what had inspired me to make it my “life mission”: to similarly help guide others in their personal quest for finding happiness and fulfillment.
You may have tried different types of therapists and coaches in the past who have used a variety of approaches, but you felt let-down and discouraged because they failed to help you find that special “spark” to help heal your wounds from the past; and to re-ignite your enthusiasm and hope to make you feel rejuvenated and come alive.  
I know how you feel because I too was once in the same situation you find yourself now.  It was that frustration that had inspired me to obtain my Master’s degree in Counselling and to develop a novel approach that is able to uproot deeply hidden problems; and to guide my clients to help them discover their own inner-power to live the best part of their life.
My education, combined with my professional experience, has qualified me as a trusting therapist with a warm and relaxed approach to best help you on your own healing journey of self-discovery. I offer you a safe, supportive and caring environment where, together, we can discuss your goals and shape your future so that you may live your best life – individually and professionally in your own personal life and shared with others.
Through my research and studies, I discovered that 90% of our current pain, stress and suffering stems from trapped emotions from our past, going back to childhood traumas.  These trapped emotions can prompt; feelings of inadequacy in our lives such as being a bad parent or partner; feelings of being a failure and stagnating; feelings of shame and guilt; feelings of being bored, dissatisfied and unfulfilled; and ultimately, feelings of emptiness and feeling totally ALONE.
BUT then you may ask yourself: What are childhood traumas? Childhood traumas may include everything from being bullied, getting spanked, being screamed at, alcoholic parents, getting lost at a shopping center or any other public space, loosing your dog, death of a parent, moving to a foreign country, having a mean teacher, being forced to take piano lessons while all the others kids are outside playing, or being prevented from joining the little league — as well, as being abused physically and / or sexually.
So why am I bringing this up and why is this so important? Because it is these trapped emotions from childhood trauma that end up having an impact on your sense of identity, your sense of confidence, your ability to connect to your relationship, to attract a good life partner and have healthy relationships.  The cost of all this is significant; because it blocks us from having clarity in our thinking, and going through life with confidence.
With that insight in mind – I’ve developed a simple, 3-step approach to coaching and therapy, to help my clients release their trapped emotions
My approa/ch is about getting lasting results for clients in a relatively short time by applying the 3-step solution, called The Horvath Breakthrough Protocol™, as follows:
Step 1 – Recognize and validate trapped emotions associated with the issue or behaviour in current life (ie. Someone always worried about welfare of her children, client who finds out his dad has cancer; client who feels depressed and ashamed as he feels like a failure for losing his business; client that overeats; transgendered client who feels he is under attack)
Step 2 – Simulate the specific traumatic incident experienced as a child without re-traumatizing, that is responsible for the « trapped emotions » 
  • Compassion-Focused approach confronting,
  • Validate them,
  • Release them.
Become EMPOWERED to transform.
Step 3 – Reframe the client’s past wounding scenario (here, the child gets back what was lost ~ need for security, need to be recognized, the need to belong, the need to feel free, etc..)
  • Refresh the present
  • Re-script the future
If you feel ready to embark on your transformative journey with me so that these memories no longer surfaces in your mind and create a brighter futur.  I invite you to book a complimentary 20 minute session by clicking on the link below to schedule an appointment, which will allow us then to get to know each other and to discuss about how the therapy process might help you turn your life around to transform your life so you can have a better health and future.