Have you ever had a challenge in making decisions? You know what I mean – should I take this job opportunity or not, should I continue to work on my marriage or get a divorce, should I challenge the diagnosis I just got from my doctor, or just resign myself to a regimen of pills for the rest of my life?

We are faced with decisions every single day. Some are more important than others, and these are the ones that have an impact on the trajectory of our future.

So, how do we know we’re making the right decision, and what do we rely on to make sure? Some of us rely on the mind, going back and forth, back and forth, over the pros and cons ad nauseam; some of us rely on our emotions; and some of us, listen to everyone but ourselves in making critical decisions in our lives – In short, when we do, we give our power away… and so we need to get it back.

This is what Steve Jobs meant when he stated: “Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

So, what if there was a deeper, still accessible, but a DEEPER place within, which would give us clear direction, and the certainty that our decisions were on target.

Would you be interested in discovering this key ingredient for empowered decision-making?

Once again, my name is Sacha Horvath and I assist clients in living a better life because I believe ‘’feeling great matters’”. I help them re-script their past, so they can refresh their present life and redirect their future.

Today I’m writing about the power of intuitive decision-making and breaking through the emotional barriers of childhood traumas that prevent us from tuning in, hearing, and listening to our inner voice, or as Steve Jobs calls it, our inner knowledge. The dictionary defines intuition as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” In order to access our deeper inner voice, it is crucial that we learn to quiet the mind. Developing a meditation practice and interests that allows you to connect to the present moment such as being in nature and connecting to your body’s sensation is a good start.

However, through my research and studies, I discovered that 90% of our current pain, stress and suffering stems from trapped emotions from our past, going back to childhood traumas.  These trapped emotions can prompt; feelings of inadequacy in our lives such as being a bad parent or partner; feelings of being a failure and stagnating; feelings of shame and guilt; feelings of being bored, dissatisfied and unfulfilled; and ultimately, feelings of emptiness and feeling totally ALONE.

BUT then you may ask yourself: What are childhood traumas? Childhood traumas may include everything from being bullied, getting spanked, being screamed at, alcoholic parents, an overprotective parent, getting lost at a shopping center or any other public space, loosing your dog, death of a parent, the implications of moving to a foreign country, having a mean teacher, being forced to take piano lessons while all the others kids are outside playing, or being prevented from joining the little league — as well, as being abused physically and / or sexually.

So why am I bringing this up and why is this so important? Because it is these trapped emotions from childhood that end ups creating much inner noise,that becomes white noise, and we don’t even know it’s there but it is.  Adding that to the noise of other people’s opinions around us, makes one wonder how we can stay focused on anything at all that needs our attention!

The cost of all this is significant; because it blocks us from having clarity in our thinking, from hearing the inner-voice of our intuition.

We all have intuition; and it’s such a valuable tool for empowered decision-making.

Steve jobs reinforces “Our heart and our intuition already know what we truly want and that everything else is secondary”.

Therefore, our primary task is to release those trapped emotions so we can tune in, listen and hear better; and this is what I do.

With that insight in mind – I’ve developed a simple, 3-step approach to coaching and therapy, to help my clients release their trapped emotions

My approach is about getting lasting results for clients in a relatively short time by applying the 3-step solution, called The Horvath Breakthrough Protocol

I empower clients right from the onset by having them tap into their blockage source and work on releasing their trapped emotions within – typically within 2-8 sessions –  At first, some shared fears around addressing the past and quickly find, my method is so supportive that it’s not as scary as one might have thoughts.  Instead, clients feel liberated, rejuvenated and empowered, they move on.  They normally see, lasting results in every area of their lives – whether relationships, finances, or health. They feel better, and tap more easily into the wellspring of their intuitive knowing, decision-making, and creativity and become the master of their own destiny. The things that currently push their buttons, will no longer have power over them.

Together, we make peace with the past by rewriting your past so you can reset and connect to your full potential in your present moment so that then, you can create a brighter and prosperous future.

If I can leave you with one message, it’s this: Remember: “it is FALSE, that the past can remain in the past without impact your present and your future”.  If you neglect dealing with your childhood traumas and the resultant trapped emotions – no matter how large or small – it can cost you very high price.

If what I shared with you today resonates and you’d like more information to explore your options to deepen into your intuition so you can make better decisions, feel free to book a no-fee, no-obligation 20 minute session with me, and I’ll be glad to speak with you.  And if you are a coach and therapist and are interested in learning my approach, feel free to connect.

Sacha Horvath, M.A., CCC