Fulfilling Love Relationship

Hello, My name is Sacha Horvath and I understand that all relationships go through low, and it is perseverance that helps us get through. A fulfilling love relationship is not based on the number of times we are together. It is based on the foundation we built together.

Learning to get along, to communicate, to receive as well as to give, to touch, to look at each other are tools that we invite you to explore in our couples retreat. With a fast pace of life, children and everyday responsibilities, we have less time to devote to our couple and we forget each other.

In a couple, maybe the important thing is not to make the other happy,
it is to make oneself happy and to offer this happiness to others.
– Jacques Salome

Few Options for You

You still love yourselves but you have lost that connection, that spark and a respect for each other. Let me give you a hand.

My service is unique because I offer a complete service to come to your home, evaluate how you live to make suggestions in your lifestyle and in the transformation of each one for the better of the relationship. You can contact me directly for the service. 

You will leave with an experience and tools to strengthen you relationship.

You will also find below a few options for you to get started:

Feeling Great in Your Relationships Matters