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An overview of what you can expect working with Sacha
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Fees and Insurance Coverage

Given her extensive knowledge, professional experience and expertise in helping clients with their personal growth and self-development, Sacha can help save in 3-ways the professional fees charged to clients. Firstly, she can reduce overall charges because she can usually assist clients get the desired results they want in fewer counselling sessions than normally required compared to other coaches, counsellors and psychologists using the conventional methods. [You see, Sacha can access quickly clients’ subconscious mind, which is claimed by Tor Norretranders that: “The subconscious mind is 1000 times more powerful than your conscious mind”.] A Second reason Sacha can save IN the clients’ cost is because, as a consulting professional, she is also exempt from charging taxes to clients. A Third reason clients can save in their cost, is because Sacha’s coaching-fee qualifies for partial or total reimbursement by most insurance companies. [Upon payment of your consultation session, you are provided with a receipt to claim your eligible insurance benefit. Most insurance providers for the Federal Government departments and agencies cover up to 80% of the fees (up to $300/yearly maximum per family member). The remaining balance could be included as a health or business expense when filing your income tax at the end of the year.]