Workshop For Women

A precious moment
to catch your breath, connect to oneself,
soothe one’s mind and become energized
IDEAL for all women who would like tools to learn how to control and manage their emotions, enhance their self-esteem, to express themselves easily and take their place in the world.

3-Week Workshop

In this 3-week workshop, the following themes will be addressed, integrated and transformed:

  • The 5 wounds of the soul
  • The masks we wear and the role they play
  • The victim-savior state and how to cope
  • Identify your own beliefs and thoughts that undermine your confidence and how to get rid of them
  • Valuable tools to honor more to let love settle deep in our heart

In an accelerated pace of life with work and professional and personal obligations, the woman often finds herself more in the “doing” (male energy, yang) which stifles the essence of her being, (feminine energy, yin).

How this Workshop can Serve You

It is important to reconcile work-life in order to feel fulfilled and balanced. It is by opening her heart that the woman discovers her pure essence, and discovers new ways of living. It is by discovering her eternal wisdom of the feminine that she can finally regain her power and live her nature in an authentic and fulfilling way.

No need to learn complicated stuff because it’s already programmed in it. This workshop combines different psychological and philosophical models to inspire you to regain your inner brilliance.

When, Where & How Much?


Monday, 3, 10, 17 of June 7-9pm


Shiatsu-Do Workshop, 69 Eddy, Gatineau (Downtown Hull Sector)

How Much:


$ 157 (before May 1st) – insurance receipts provided if needed – ($ 177 after May 1st)
(Limited places available to keep the group’s privacy)